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Are Home Prices Dropping in Mullica Hill?

Are Home Prices Dropping in Mullica Hill?

Homeowners don’t want to see home prices dropping in Mullica Hill. But that might be unavoidable. If you need to sell soon, make sure to find free tools and even a free home valuation. This will help you decide if now is the time to list.

No one wants to catch a falling knife, and housing market conditions may still worsen. This will be especially true if we face a recession. The market was on fire during the pandemic but now, inflation has been a thorn in everyone’s side. Mortgage rates have also increased drastically. 

Just over a year ago, home buyers could find less than 3% mortgage rates. Today, rates are hovering closer to 6 and 7%. In addition, homeowners with lower mortgage rates are reluctant to sell, keeping inventory low.

Will it Be Hard to Sell With Prices Dropping in Mullica Hill?

Some experts are estimating that housing markets around the country could still see a 20-30% drop before next summer. Especially in areas that gained many buyers during the pandemic migration.

But right now, fewer people can afford to buy and fewer homeowners can afford to sell. This is causing a unique situation where mortgage rates are rising, there’s not enough supply, and prices are dropping slowly. 

Homeowners who fear a greater market tightening may choose to sell now rather than in a year or two. But even now, finding a buyer is tougher than it was just months ago.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Nancy Kowalik Group can help. Even with prices dropping in Mullica Hill, we can get your home sold fast and for the best possible price.

We’ll Help You Sell Fast and For Top Dollar

No one knows exactly what the market will do in the next few months. But real estate is cyclical and many experts who watched skyrocketing prices in the last few years expect a correction.

When you need to sell, you need to sell. And in a cooling market, that can be a difficult job. That’s when you need the help of an expert realtor. Our team can guarantee to sell your home in Mullica Hill fast.

In fact, we’re so confident, we’ll put it in writing. Our exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program ensures you get a great price for your home. And if we can’t sell it, we’ll buy it ourselves!

Don’t wait for prices to drop further if you need to sell. Reach out and call us at (856) 230-7077. We can answer any questions and help you start the process of pricing and listing.

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