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How To Get Young Children Ready for a Big Move

How To Get Young Children Ready for a Big Move

Preparing Young Children for a Move

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Switching homes with young children isn’t always the most straightforward task, especially if your children have a sentimental attachment to the home. Based on research, moving homes is one of the top 10 most challenging and stress-inducing activities for adults 21 and up. 

Once you combine kids with the statistics, it only gets worse. There are ways to help parents move with their children and still have peace of mind. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Nancy Kowalik Group prepares parents for selling or buying a home in South Jersey. We offer advice and hands-on work to take the bulk of selling stress off your back.

Let Your Children Control What To Do With Their Items

Like anything new in life, it takes getting used to. Your kids might kick and scream and throw tantrums, claiming they don’t want to leave. Try to make a game out of the moving process. Leave their room last for any packing. 

This strategy will allow the children to absorb and accept the change while still catering to their love and attachment to their childhood home. Let your children have complete control over their belongings. Create three different piles for keep, donations, and throw away. Your children will feel they have a say over their things and feel better about moving. 

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