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How to Make Moving with Pets Easier – Realtor Tips

How to Make Moving with Pets Easier – Realtor Tips

Successfully Moving Your Pets Without Stressing Them Out

Moving can be difficult for everyone in the household, including your pets. They may not be able to express themselves with words, but it’s apparent when animals are stressed. They react to their environment. So, if you’re moving with pets in South Jersey, there’s a chance they feel your emotions too.

When you get ready to make your move, it’s important to stay tuned into your pet’s reaction. Some animals sail through changes easily. Others get stressed, feel anxious, and may exhibit new or troublesome behaviors.

Signs Your Pet Is Feeling Anxiety 

Animals love structure and routine. An organized home helps them trust their environment and remain calm. When moving with pets, they will most likely get confused about what’s happening. This can make them negatively react to their new or chaotic surroundings.

Look out for change behavior when moving with pets:

  • Licking or grooming
  • Loss of appetite
  • Droopy ears or sluggish movements
  • Disinterest in being social
  • Frequent accidents
  • Chewing objects that aren’t their toys

Every animal reacts differently. And they may need some different strategies to help them adjust to their new home. But no matter what, keeping a solid routine and giving them extra attention will help.

Some strategies to help your pet smoothly transition:

  • Letting them explore the new house before fully moving
  • Preparing a space for them with familiar items like toys and bed
  • Keeping their routine consistent
  • Giving them treats to reinforce good behavior
  • Making sure they get lots of exercise
  • Paying extra attention to them
  • Letting them out more frequently than usual

Understanding how your pet normally acts is also important. This will help you see whether they’re acting different or feeling overwhelmed. Because your pet can’t understand what’s happening or why it’s happening, you can do that for them. You can anticipate their fears, comfort them, and help them feel safe in their new home.

How To Keep Your Pet Stress-Free During Your Move in South Jersey 

The key to successfully moving with pets is to make your them feel secure. Reassure them with affection and interaction that everything will be okay. If they have a favorite toy or personal item, let them hold onto it for emotional support. 

If you want more information on how to make moving easier with pets, our South Jersey realtors developed a free special report for all pet owners. Follow this simple guide titled, “Pet Owners – Tips to Making Your Move Easier on Your Pets.” You’ll learn more strategies for making the move easier on your furry friends.

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