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Navigate Moving With Children in New Jersey, Realtor Tips

Navigate Moving With Children in New Jersey, Realtor Tips

Preparing Young Children for a Move

Moving with children isn’t always the most straightforward task. Especially if your kids have a sentimental attachment to the house they’ve been growing up in. Based on research, moving homes is one of the top 10 most challenging and stress-inducing activities for adults 21 and up. 

Once you add kids into the statistics, it only gets worse. There are ways to help parents move with their children and still have peace of mind. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Nancy Kowalik Group prepares parents for selling or buying a home in South Jersey. We offer advice and hands-on work to take the bulk of selling stress off your back.

Packing up and moving is stressful enough. If you’re focused on comforting young children, dealing with paperwork or a real estate closing is the last thing you want to do. You can free yourself up to focus on what’s important — your kids — when you rely on seasoned professionals to take care of the real estate transaction.

Let Your Children Control What To Do With Their Items

Like anything new in life, it takes time to adjust. Your kids might kick and scream and throw tantrums, claiming they don’t want to leave. Try to make if fun for them so they see it’s not dangerous or scary. You can even create a game out of the moving process.

It may also help to leave their room until last for packing. They will be able to see what’s happening and try to understand it before their own room and belongings are upended.

This strategy will allow the children to absorb and accept the change. You can help them honor their love and attachment to their childhood home. In addition, let your children have complete control over their treasured things. Create three different piles for keep, donations, and throw away.

By giving your kids ownership of their part of the move, they will feel more at ease that things are not spinning out of control. It will also boost their confidence and growing autonomy. This can help them to feel better about moving. 

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Moving is stressful, even for adults. Give yourself the capacity to help your kids through major changes by delegating the business side. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Nancy Kowalik Group will take care of buying a new home or selling your old one.

Our team of experienced realtors can deal with listing, negotiating, and closing a deal. That will give you back the time you need to care for your kids and settle into your new house.

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