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Buying a New Home While Selling Your Old One, Realtor Tips

Buying a New Home While Selling Your Old One, Realtor Tips

This is how buying a new home in South Jersey is made easy…

If you’re a homeowner buying a new home in South Jersey, you might wonder whether you should buy before selling your old one or vice versa. This post will share some tips from Nancy Kowalik that will help with your home-owning journey.

The Nancy Kowalik Group has been rated as one the best realtors in South Jersey from our positive client results. And our agents have deep knowledge of the local real estate market. That’s why we want to share info with you that other agents with less experience can’t.

Buying before selling your home may put you in a trap known as Real Estate Catch 22. Specifically, the Real Estate Catch 22 means you now own two houses. With the housing rates in South Jersey, you may end up paying double the mortgage, which is a tight spot to be in.

Nobody wants twice as much interest, double maintenance costs, or two times the property tax. In addition, think about the time and energy it takes to deal with two homes if you can’t sell.

Buying a New Home Can Have Hidden Downsides

Buying a new home is exciting. However, getting stuck with your old home can take some of the joy out of moving to something better.

Owning two homes in South Jersey is a homeownership pitfall you don’t want. It creates a financial strain that most South Jersey realtors have no way of solving for their clients.

If you find yourself walking this fine line as a resident, we have the means to help. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Nancy Kowalik Group offers a personalized program that promises to sell your home fast and at the highest amount! 

With this program, you never have to worry about the Real Estate Catch 22. Our real estate agency promises to buy your home if it does not sell within three months. Before working with any South Jersey realtor, research what they offer regarding quickly selling your home.

Many times realtors cannot commit to delivering what they promised. With our professional and reliable team, we’ve been helping homeowners in South Jersey gain the home of their dreams without any lowball offers.

Sell Your South Jersey Home With Our Guaranteed Sellers Program

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You can get the best service from one of the top realtors in South Jersey and stop stressing. Once you have confidence that your home will sell, you can enjoy house shopping and dream big.

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