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What Are The Top Companies That Buy Houses For Cash?

What Are The Top Companies That Buy Houses For Cash?

If you’re looking to sell your house fast for cash, you may be wondering who are the top companies that buy houses for cash. The growth of iBuyers and real estate investors (cash home buyers) has created new cash offer options beyond just listing on the open market. Knowing the major players buying houses with cash offers can help you evaluate the best route for your needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • OpenDoor and Offerpad lead the iBuying cash offer companies, while Zillow Offers is also growing.
  • WeBuyHouses franchisees and Roofstock focus on distressed sellers and investment properties.
  • can get you multiple no-obligation offers on your house within minutes. 

Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

The rise of instant, “as-is” cash offers on houses has opened new channels for how to sell your property. Rather than waiting for traditional financed buyers to make offers over weeks or months, companies now exist with the sole purpose of making quick cash offers on houses. Here are some of the top companies that buy houses for cash:

OpenDoor and Offerpad

OpenDoor and Offerpad are two of the largest dedicated “iBuyers” making direct cash offers on houses. Using proprietary algorithms and big data, these companies provide offers for homes sight unseen. They buy, make minor repairs, then resell the homes quickly. Sellers get speed and convenience without showings or open houses.

Highest Price is a platform designed to assist home sellers in their quest for cash offers. This website promises a streamlined and user-friendly experience, ensuring a smooth selling process. By providing multiple cash offers, Highest Price aims to stand out in the competitive real estate market, offering sellers an opportunity to secure the best deal for their homes. The platform appears to prioritize transparency, making it an appealing option for individuals researching companies that buy houses for cash. For those seeking a straightforward and efficient selling experience, Highest Price could be a valuable resource in the realm of real estate transactions. 

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Zillow Offers

The popular real estate site Zillow dove into the cash offer space several years ago by launching Zillow Offers. Through this service, Zillow uses local real estate data to provide cash offers on homes via its apps and websites. Zillow then prepares and lists the home back for sale.

WeBuyHouses Franchises 

WeBuyHouses is one of the most popular franchised home buying brands focused on buying houses for cash. With thousands of locations, WeBuyHouses franchisees make offers primarily on distressed homes that require too many repairs for retail buyers. Franchises like HomeVestors also buy undervalued homes for cash.

Real Estate Investors

Companies like Roofstock and Progress Residential buy homes sight unseen to add to their rental portfolios. Roofstock enables investors to purchase homes cash for use as single-family rentals. Progress buys discounted homes with its “We Buy Houses” cash offers program to quickly expand its rental inventory.


Unlike most cash home buyers, Knock doesn’t purchase homes directly. Instead Knock makes backup cash offers to sellers who have an existing buyer but need assistance. By providing cash for closing costs or a bridge loan, Knock acts as a contingency cash offer company enabling traditional sales.

For those looking to sell their house for cash fast, this new breed of iBuyers and investors provide an alternative to the traditional route. The top companies that buy houses for cash like OpenDoor, and Zillow Offers offer speed and convenience for the modern seller.

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