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Realtor’s Tips to Stage a Luxury Home in South Jersey and Highlight Its Best Features

Realtor’s Tips to Stage a Luxury Home in South Jersey and Highlight Its Best Features

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One of the most important stages of the home selling process is the staging of the house for home buyers to view it. Studies have shown that it is much more difficult to sell an unoccupied, vacant property, so it is important to make the house appear as if it is currently occupied. However, you also do not want the house to exude your and your family’s personality because it creates a challenge for home buyers to envision themselves in the house with their belongings.

Because of this, most realtors will recommend staging a house prior to home buyers coming to view it. They will ask the home sellers to invest in several particular things that they know will greatly assist in the home selling process. If you are trying to sell a luxury home in South Jersey, be sure to work with an experienced realtor such as ours at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Nancy Kowalik Group to ensure that you are properly staging your home for a fast sale.

Why Is Staging Important?

When you stage a home, it helps to create a more blank canvas so that home buyers can see themselves already living in the house. They can easily replace common furniture in their minds, and the creation of a comforting and welcoming environment will ensure that home buyers feel more compelled to make an offer on the home. Remember, buying a home is an emotional investment, so it is critical that you make the look and feel of your house something that a home buyer will not be able to resist.

Great home staging can help you accomplish this task. A realtor will be able to stage your home properly so that all traces of your personality are removed but the house does not appear vacant or forlorn after you move out. With good staging, a luxury home buyer will be excited to make an offer.

Staging Tips to Highlight the Best Features of Your Luxury Home in South Jersey

If you are planning to sell your luxury home in South Jersey, our realtors at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Nancy Kowalik Group are happy to offer you several great staging tips to ensure that you are able to sell your property quickly and get top dollar for it. Here are our top 5 staging tips that we hope you will consider when getting your luxury home in South Jersey ready for sale:

Choose Interesting and Upscale Lighting

An important part of any home is the type of lighting that is used throughout the house. Home buyers can find typical builder lighting in just about every house on the market, but luxury home buyers are not looking for that. They want to be wowed by something unique and upscale. Thankfully, you do not have to spend a lot of money on these options. You can find great, inexpensive lighting options that make a unique statement (like a hip chandelier) on online retailers or even antique shops.

Pick Out Unique Decor

In similar fashion to the lighting, individuals looking to invest in a luxury home in South Jersey do not want to see common decor you can find in big box stores such as Target. They would rather see unique decor that makes a statement and sets a house apart from all the others. Looking in artsy boutiques and artisan shops can ensure that the pieces you choose will elicit statements of awe and wonder as home buyers view your house.

Emphasize a Luxury Lifestyle

When you make the investment in a luxury home in South Jersey, there are certain aspects of the upscale lifestyle that come with it. When you are ready to stage your home for sale, be sure you are emphasizing these aspects and features that make owning a luxury home well-worth the investment. 

Things like comfortable outdoor living furniture, spa-like bathroom amenities, home gym space, and a finished basement made into a game room could all be exceptional staging ideas to exude an upscale lifestyle.

Show Off Upscale Conveniences

In addition to the luxurious lifestyle options described above, you should also consider showing off the upscale conveniences that are a part of the house. Such things include smart technology and appliances, outdoor water features, large walk-in closets and dressing rooms, and much more. Whatever makes your home comfortable and convenient for someone in search of a luxury lifestyle is what you should show off during the staging and viewings.

Buy Custom Local Art

Custom local art can also set your luxury home in South Jersey apart from the others available on the real estate market. These art pieces can make a bold and unique statement that you simply cannot achieve with mass-produced art pieces found at large box stores. Avoid the places that most home stagers and realtors go to when staging every other house in the area. Your luxury home in South Jersey deserves more than that, and home buyers are certainly expecting more than that!

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Do you own a luxury home in South Jersey hoping to sell it fast and for top dollar? Be sure that you are staging your house properly to impress potential home buyers and show them why your house is the right one for them. At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-Nancy Kowalik Group, our South Jersey realtors understand the value of great staging for an upscale home, and we are happy to help you properly stage your house for the fastest possible sale. If you want to get more information about staging or any other step in the home selling process, be sure to call our real estate team at (856) 478-6562 or fill out the form below with the requested information. You can also find the latest Luxury Homes Hotlist here. We can’t wait to help you succeed in your home selling journey!


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