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Best Interesting and Unusual Things to Do in South Jersey

Best Interesting and Unusual Things to Do in South Jersey

Have you decided to move to South Jersey and are looking for interesting and unusual things to entertain yourself and your family? Are you ready to sell your home and want to learn about unusual things to do in South Jersey to bring in interested home buyers? Then this post is for you! 

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Nancy Kowalik Group, Nancy Kowalik and her real estate team understand how important it is to know the insides and out of the local region because it will be essential for a homeowner’s lifestyle. The following are 4 of the top attractions and unusual things to do in South Jersey:

1. Mighty Joe the Gorilla

Do giant statues strike your fancy? You may be interested in locating the 25-foot statue of a fiberglass gorilla named Mighty Joe. He is the current mascot for Mighty Joe’s Gas, Grill & Deli even though he started his life in Spain and was shipped to the US for $50,000. In 2004, he made his debut on Route 206.

2. Batsto Village

When most people think of a ghost town, it usually conjures images of ruins and decayed buildings. However, the ghost town of iron-working Batsto Village in Harbor City, NJ, actually looks like it was recently built and abandoned. If the history of it doesn’t interest you, the perfect preservation of the town certainly will! Feel free to ask plenty of questions at the museum and visitor’s center.

3. Amatol Ghost Town

Located in Hammonton, NJ, this is a great place for any and all history buffs in your family. It encompasses the ruins of a munitions village that was abandoned after World War I as well as an old wooden racetrack from the 1920s. In order to get to the ruins, you will be able to enjoy a short hike through the woods and be rewarded with this unique site.

4. Diggerland USA

You may have been to theme parks in the past, but you have certainly never been to one quite like this. At Diggerland USA, you can allow your dreams of digging and demolition come true with heavy machinery such as steamrollers and backhoes. While there are four of these theme parks in the United Kingdom, it is the only one in West Berlin, New Jersey, and even the kids can have a great time letting their destructive wild side free.

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