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Are Property Prices Dropping in Mullica Hill?

Are Property Prices Dropping in Mullica Hill?

Home sellers hope property prices in Mullica Hill don’t decline. But with current markets, that may become reality in coming months. If you’re considering selling, take advantage of our free tools and free resources to price your property. Now may be the time to list.

For many homeowners, the possibility of prices dropping further is a reason to sell sooner rather than later. Market conditions in the last year have begun to worsen. Mortgage rates are up to 6-7% from less than 3% just a year ago. This pushes prospective buyers out of the market.

In addition, inflation has been high, leaving the question of a recession hanging in the air. So, what should homeowners do?

Can You Sell if Property Prices in Mullica Hill Decline?

Real estate prices experts project the real estate market may still decline by 20-30% between now and next summer. That could even be higher if the economy faces a recession. Home sellers may find it difficult to sell if demand dries up and prices drop.

Currently, even though supply is growing, prices aren’t falling as much as they could. It’s a unique situation created by low inventory overall and doubling interest rates. Even as homes go up for sale, potential buyers drop out of the market. And homeowners don’t want a new mortgage at a higher rate.

If you’re thinking about selling, you need an expert realtor who can sell a house in any market. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Nancy Kowalik Group can help. Even with a tightening market, we can get your property sold fast and for the best possible price.

We’ll Help You Sell Fast and For Top Dollar

Working with our team of seasoned realtors, you can sell your house, no matter what the market does. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Nancy Kowalik Group has a proven system to sell homes fast and for top dollar.

But we won’t just promise to sell your house. We’ll guarantee it! When you list your property with us, you can join an exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program. This makes selling risk-free for you. Because if we can’t sell your property, we’ll buy it ourselves.

Whatever the economy and the housing market do, don’t let it spoil your plans. When you need to sell, you can. Just give us a call a (856) 478-6562. We can answer any questions you have or get you more, free information.

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