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Haddonfield Luxury Homes for Sale

Haddonfield Luxury Homes for Sale

Finding Haddonfield luxury homes for sale can be a challenge. With limited inventory and high demand, finding the perfect upscale home can feel like an uphill battle. 

While the path to luxury homeownership may have its unique hurdles, with the right guidance, your dream home is closer than you think. In this blog, our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Nancy Kowalik Group will discuss what to know about the luxury housing market in Haddonfield. 

Key Takeaways

  • Haddonfield is a neutral market that slightly favors home sellers. In recent months, the median sale price of a home in the neighborhood was $993,250.
  • Luxury neighborhoods in Haddonfield include Gill Tract, Tavistock Hills, and Elizabeth Haddon.
  • Luxury homes in Haddonfield have features like fitness rooms and spas, home theaters, and amenity-filled master suites.

What’s the Current State of Luxury Real Estate in Haddonfield?

Haddonfield is a neutral market that slightly favors home sellers. In recent months, the median sale price of a home in the neighborhood was $993,250. This is a 65.5% increase from the same point last year. 

Homes spend an average of 32 days on the market before selling, which is an increase of 15 days compared to the previous year.

There are around 20 luxury homes on the market in Haddonfield with a price range of anywhere from $900,000 to over $3.5 million. The sale-to-list price ratio is 103.2%, and 44.4% of homes sell above their asking price.

Is it Hard to Find Luxury Homes in Haddonfield?

There are several neighborhoods with Haddonfield luxury homes for sale. These include:

  • The Collings At The Lumberyard: This luxury apartment complex features amenities like a fitness center, outdoor lounge area, dog park, and Amazon locker hub.
  • Gill Tract: On average, homes in this neighborhood are between 1,200 to over 5,800 square feet and cost anywhere from $595,000 to $1,875,000.
  • Tavistock Hills: This neighborhood of single-family homes has some luxury options. On average, homes fall between 1,700 to over 3,100 square feet and the average cost ranges from $229,990 to $514,900.
  • Birdwood: Birdwood has luxury properties that are between 1,000 to over 6,400 square feet, on average, and cost between $180,500 to $1,325,000.
  • Elizabeth Haddon: This luxury neighborhood has homes that range in size from 2,000 to over 8,700 square feet and cost between $855,000 to $3,500,000.

What Can You Expect from Luxury Homes in Haddonfield?

While the specific features and designs can vary from home to home, you can expect luxury homes in Haddonfield to have top-of-the-line upscale amenities like:

  • Fitness Rooms and Spas: Luxury homes may feature fitness rooms with top-of-the-line exercise equipment and even spa areas with saunas, steam rooms, and massage rooms.
  • Home Theaters: State-of-the-art home theaters with high-quality sound systems, plush seating, and large screens provide an immersive entertainment experience.
  • Master Suites: Amenity-filled master suites often include spacious walk-in closets, sitting areas, and en-suite bathrooms with soaking tubs, steam showers, and heated floors.
  • Views and Location: Luxury properties often boast breathtaking views, whether it’s of the ocean, mountains, city skyline, or lush landscapes. Prime locations, such as waterfront or gated communities, are also common.
  • Wine Cellars and Bars: Many luxury homes include climate-controlled wine cellars and stylish bars perfect for entertaining guests.
  • Security and Smart Technology: As one can expect, luxury homes are secured by state of the art security. Smart technology and smart assistants are used to manage the luxury properties.

How Can You Easily Search for Haddonfield Luxury Homes?

Searching for luxury homes for sale in New Jersey requires a different approach than looking for traditional properties. Here are some of the best ways to search for luxury homes:

  • Social Media and Real Estate Groups: Join real estate groups on social media platforms and participate in discussions. You may come across off-market listings or connect with realtors specializing in luxury properties.
  • Visit Exclusive Neighborhoods: Drive or walk through upscale neighborhoods and look for ‘For Sale’ signs. Some luxury homeowners prefer discreet marketing and may not list their properties online.
  • Real Estate Concierge Services: Consider using real estate concierge services that offer personalized assistance in finding luxury properties based on your specific preferences and requirements.
  • Auction Houses: Keep an eye on auctions, especially for unique and high-value luxury homes. Auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s often feature luxury real estate auctions.
  • Private Sales and Off-Market Listings: Some luxury homes are sold privately or kept off the public market. Connect with local realtors and real estate professionals who have access to these exclusive listings.

Whatever methods you use, you’ll need to hire a realtor who specializes in luxury properties. As mentioned above, some luxury homes are sold privately or kept off the public market and only a local realtor would have access to these exclusive listings.

Realtors can also give you a heads-up about luxury real estate events and auctions in the area and can leverage their connections to discover the latest properties as they hit the market.

How Can the Nancy Kowalik Group Assist You in Your Luxury Home Journey?

If you want to find luxury homes for sale in Haddonfield successfully, be sure to partner with Nancy Kowalik and Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Nancy Kowalik Group. With over 16+ years of experience in the real estate industry, we’ve helped hundreds of luxury home buyers find their dream homes for the best possible price. 

We provide unparalleled customer service, effective negotiation skills, and exclusive buyer guarantees, like our Buy it Back Guarantee and Buyer Cancellation Guarantee

To learn more about our guarantees and start your journey to owning a luxury home in Haddonfield, contact us at (856) 478-6562. You can also fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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